Okay, if you’re still following me, I want to say thank you for your infinite amount of patience during my long absence. I’ve neglected my poor little blog, something I swore I’d never do this time around. I can’t believe nearly six months have passed already. So much, yet so little has happened. I’ll try to capture the highlights:

So the northeast, and much of the country really, got hit with an unusually harsh winter this year. The subzero temperatures and endless amount of snow seemed to freeze time (ha, see what I did there?)


This is the courtyard of my building and the park across the street, and this is what it looked like ALL THE WAY up until early May. I can appreciate the beauty of a winter wonderland, it got tiring after awhile. I was over dressing myself and my son in layers, the already-tough commute to work was miserable, cleaning my car and salting the parking space was a hassle, and the “winter blues” and cabin fever got downright depressing. Although there were a few cute moments here and there…


Finally, Old Man Winter seemed to move on and we’ve enjoyed decent to nice weather since then. There’s a gorgeous park right across from our building, and we’ve spent some time there on the weekends.




It’s been really great.

Mother’s Day was really nice. We didn’t intend on doing anything, but Angel took me out to dinner and I got to wear my beautiful new dress from Cherry Velvet Plus. This Canadian company specializes in vintage style dresses for full figured women. I managed to snag this beauty on sale:


I adore the pattern, I have a love affair with butterflies. And the dress fits like a dream, and the material was so breathable, perfect for a spring day.


Well, that’s it for now. I vow from this moment to make a serious effort to blog more often. I find it so therapeutic to write and share my thoughts and projects. Thanks for sticking around!



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