*NEW ART* Affirmations and Stepping Out of My Comfort Zone

When I was in college, one of the biggest critiques was that I didn’t step out of my “comfort zone” often enough. My usual style was great, but when I tried a new direction, “great” became “awesome.” At the time it was a bit disheartening, because I wasn’t exactly sure what that meant, and what I was supposed to do in order to fix it. But over the years, and with many attempts to branch out to other genres and mediums, I’ve figured it out. Case in point, a new series of work tentatively titled “Affirmations.”


These are inspired by basically me staring at an empty spot by my front door, and wondering what to put there. I thought to myself, “one should hear something positive before leaving home to start the day.” Something bright, something simple, something inspiring. I’ve gathered up a bunch of my favorite quotes…some mine, some well known, some borrowed from others…and illustrated them. These have been fun to do. I’m enjoying the bright colors and loose and easy brushstrokes. It’s different from my work in the past. My style is usually tight and linear, sketched out first with a very specific subject matter. These are straight out of my mind, completely without a plan and totally free handed. Another step outside of my realm is adding words to my art. That is a risk in general, because the words can take the focus off of the art itself. I think I’ve managed to walk the line okay. It’s been a pleasant challenge, not only because of the out of control nature, but working on such a small scale. Most of my work is large, but these are small, 8″ x 10″ to be exact. I may go bigger on a few of them, but not by much. Honestly, keeping them small is freeing in itself. Working on a smaller scale means they get done faster, and I can do more of them. Between all of this, and just having the positive quote in my head as I’m painting…it’s been a great experience.


All of these will be available for sale in my Etsy store, starting at $50 each. Small price to pay for a little bit of sunshine 🙂


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